Allen Road Warehouse

This warehouse covers an area of 2900 square meters and is designed for efficiency and functionality. Two powerful gantry cranes operate seamlessly within its confines, facilitating smooth operations. The office area, spanning 555 square meters, is thoughtfully designed to provide a professional and conducive space for administrative functions. Shifted Designs played a pivotal role in this project as a dedicated Structural Engineering consultant. Our involvement started during the preliminary design phase and continued through every stage, culminating in overseeing the meticulous execution during construction. SD's expertise and guidance ensured the structural integrity, safety, and optimal functionality of this warehouse, contributing significantly to its success.

Shifted Designs is your trusted partner for expert structural engineering services tailored to industrial projects throughout Western Australia. Our team possesses extensive experience in modern building practices and leverages the latest design tools and technologies. By staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we deliver responsive and efficient design solutions that meet your project’s specific requirements.

Services include

Designing new warehouses, extensions, and modifications to existing structures to optimise storage capacity and operational functionality.

Providing engineering solutions for the remediation and rehabilitation of industrial facilities, ensuring compliance and safety.

Expertise covers

Assisting in determining project viability and providing cost assessments to support informed decision-making.

Developing strategic plans that optimise site layout, infrastructure, and operational efficiency.

Offering specialised expertise in managing and designing structures for landfill sites, ensuring compliance and environmental sustainability.

Preparing thorough and accurate documentation to support the tender process, ensuring clear communication of project requirements.

Applying innovative design principles to develop concepts, schematics, and detailed engineering designs that maximise functionality and efficiency.

Providing on-site assistance, conducting inspections, and offering proactive problem-solving to ensure successful project implementation.

Designing effective drainage systems to mitigate the risk of flooding and manage stormwater runoff.

Developing strategies and engineering solutions to minimise the impact of flooding on industrial facilities and surrounding areas.

Designing temporary structures and support systems for construction projects, ensuring safety and stability.


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